OBS Goes Cross-Canada with … Buckcherry!

This just in!!

We just received word that starting January 4th, we will be touring across this beautiful nation of ours with none other than Buckcherry! Excited does not even begin to describe what we are feeling right now. We are pumped to get on the road and bring the OBS word to you guys! Here we come Canada!

A full list of the dates will be posted in the next couple of days, so keep an eye or two open.

One thought on “OBS Goes Cross-Canada with … Buckcherry!

  1. Lesley Forgues says:

    Had a great time at your thunder bay show…..love the drummerrs hair, and keep riding free Shane. Having a motorcycle is a beautiful thing! Maybe we will hit a bike event some time. Congradulations on the band and keep the fantastic music coming… We home to see you again in thunder bay!

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